Sunday, September 15, 2013

Absolutely, only....One Thing Remains!!!

One Thing Remains is a beautiful song written by Brian Johnson, Christa Black & Jeremy Riddle. It has been described by some as "musically and spiritually powerful . In July 2012, Tony Weir,Program & Music Director a of House FM described it "one of the best songs of the year"

This song has been popularized by Jesus Culture, and quite rightly.

Yesterday morning, while at work, I just found myself blurting out the words of this song spontaneously. It was on my heart for most of the day. So, today, I decided to Google the story to this song, and found some amazing things. Personally, I find that sometimes the story behind a song tells you something deep about it, gives you a sneak peek into the moment or moments when the sing came out. It gives you an idea of what the writer/singer was going through at the time.

I came across an interview that Brian Johnson (one of the co-writers) gave. The whole interview can be found here (. When asked how he came up with the song, one of the things he said was
The chorus: ‘Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me’, came to me spontaneously during worship about six years ago. I sat on that chorus, and would put it in different moments but that’s all I had. Then we started collaborating on the song with a couple of different people here then we came up with the bridge and verses.

It is just fantastic, that the chorus came out "unplanned" in a worship service. A God-moment perhaps??

The lyrics of the songs are also very Biblical,with every line referring to some verse of the Bible. Lauren does a great job linking the lyrics to the various verses they refer to.

Michael Anthony Howard writes a brilliant post, entitled "ONE THING REMAINS: WORSHIP AS BEING THE CHURCH AND PROCLAIMING GOD’S UNFAILING LOVE", in which he talks a dependence on God's Love, humility, personal and corporate church worship as a church.

He concludes his post by saying "It is God’s love that we are expected to live out of–not our abilities, not our knowledge, not our own answers to social issues, not our own strengths, not our gifts, not our own ANYTHING! Why? Because, when all else fails, God’s love is unfailing."

Well, it just about summarizes it, does it?? Hope you read Michael's thoughts get time to listen this song!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jokes about David Haye after he shamefully blamed his toe after losing to Vladimir Klitschko

DAVID HAYE lost to Vladmir Klitschko on points after 12rounds in Hamburg. Haye (also known as Hayemaker) had filled columns of newsparer columns with pre-match bravaddo, sometimes shameful about how he was going to knowck out Vladmir. However, following his disgraceful loss, he blamed his toe...saying a toe on his right foot got broken 3weeks before the boxing match, hence he could not land his killer punch!

Obviously, this generated a lot of jokes from twitter followers and the following are some of them.....

1) From #hayemaker to #toemaker

2) David Haye: "Apologies to amm my fans, my toe couldn't land the killer punch."

3) Hey coach, I couldn't beat him with my mouth or my toe, maybe next time I try to punch him?

4) My ego is cashing cheques my toe can't cash..."

5) I am disappoin-toed with the outcome of the fight. #teamhaye

6) Sky box office have apologised for lack of phone staff earlier for David Haye fight....... all had a broken toe.

7) #teamhaye never mind chaps, toemorrow is a new day, dont be a heel, sock it toe 'em

8) That was a #toerrible match

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan"

I just watched Black Swan with a female friend a few hours ago. It is about a young girl Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) who works hard to perfection, in order to fulfil her dream as ballerina. I must say, the movie itself is both rubbish and brilliant!

Her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey) is a controlling mum, a somehow twisted character. She gave up her dream to care for Nina, and in a sense, while Erica doesn’t want her daughter to screw up; she is living her unfinished dream through Nina. After all she had been taking Nina for dance classes ever since she was a young child. . It is a tragedy that children sometimes have to live the unfulfilled dreams of their parents!!

When Nina tries to live her own life, Erica throws a tantrum, and almost wants to destroy the cake she has just made to celebrate her breakthrough. That breakthrough is that Nina has landed the coveted role of Queen Swan, in a musical Swan Lake directed by Thomas Leroy(Vincent Cassel). Her journey towards landing this role is a mind boggling cinematic experience that will make you either hate or love the movie.
Lily (Mila Kunis), an ambitious dancer is Nina’s rival to the coveted Queen dancer role. She befriends Nina, but seems to have ulterior motives of her own. Lily introduces her to the partying and drugs lifestyle, and they either up having full lesbianism sex, or maybe Nina is just imagining things. This scene is too graphic, and can leave you scarred for life. I had to look away several times. I go with the former. This is for a movie, only rated 15®. Shows the state of our society, and the world our children are growing up in! And the future itself could be even more worrying. Well, are we to be swept along in this dark and turbulent wave, or can we as individuals contribute in some small way in influencing it?!

The journey travelled by Nina to being the Swan Queen gives you the dark, horrific themes of the movie. As one person put it “An innocent girl is driven to the depths of hell in her pursuit of the world. It’s maddening, it’s horrifying, and it’s disturbing. Despite this, in a way, the story draws us in. We can relate to the obsession with the world in ways that should scare us.” The pursuit of perfection is one theme you continually come across.

The film gives you more than a glimpse into the state of Nina’s mind….and what she has to give up or go through to achieve her dream. While her performance of the white swan if masterful and excellent, Thomas, her music instructor, advises her to let go of herself, and throw away her inhibitions. He even seduces this young fragile innocent girl (probably a virgin) saying “That was me seducing you. It needs to be the other way around” Thomas advises her to get engaged in some sexual experiments! Only then, apparently can she seduce the audience and successfully play the role of the dark and sensual black swan! It is pretty much stepping beyond the boundaries!

Nina fights hard not to become like Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder), the now unstable, psychotic dancer and one time top start in the music company she has replaced. You are filled with hope, that maybe she will manage to do just that. It is this transformation of Nina into what Thomas Leroy calls “metamorphosis into her evil twin “that is both depressing, and make you wonder whether the price was worth the sacrifice!!

Nina is plagued by nightmares, fantasies, dreams and all of these horrific things. Her mother pleads with her not to go the long awaited performance. They have to
almost fight. You almost sense things will wrong. Is there a connection between this ballerina performance, Erica giving her dream and the music instructor Thomas? One thing is certain; Nina Sayers has sacrificed her very soul, her life and has been driven to the very depths of hell, in search of the perfect performance of “Swan Lake”. You ask yourself, when all is said and done, is it all worth it?

Yes, the film director Darren Aronofsky is a genius at work, a master craftsman, brilliant at using cinematic and visual artistry to great effect. He also sseems to blur the line between fantasy and reality. Just like his previous movies The Wrestler and Pi, Aronofsky’s theme are almost always the same….dark and visceral. It is only this time he has used the ballerina world to reflect this. While Tchaikovsky’s legendary music has been used, Aronofsky doesn’t do the ballerina performance justice.

Sme other reviewer did all the hard work and listed the following..."Heavy to extreme—Portman stripped naked to panties / Portman wears just a towel / two female masturbation scenes (Portman) / male gropes Portman / female gropes Portman / female gropes male dancer / prolonged lesbian sex scene (Portman and Kunis) / vulgar sexual conversations /partially undressed female dancers / etc.”

Saturday, June 5, 2010

As Others See Us

Found the poem below on a tea towl. Yeah, I know...quite a weird place to find a poem! I thought i would share it. I found it quite interesting.

I do not know who wrote it, for the tea towel gave no clues! I didnt bother doing a bit of googling to answer that question, because honoestly, i could not be bothered! Yeah?!!

Herein below, is the poem presented verbatim.

As Others See Us

There were the Scots
Who kept the Sabbath
And everything else
they could lay their hands on.

Then there were the Welsh
Who prayed on their knees
and their neighbours.

Thirdly, there were the Irish
Who never knew what they wanted
But were willing to fight for it

Lastly there were the English
Woo considered themsleves
a self-made nation
Thus relieving the Almighty
of a dreadful responsibility.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revolutionay Road

Slept a friend's place last her house warming kinda thing...and it turns out that since she didnt have anything in the frigde..Therefore all the three of us had in the morning was hot cup of tea, and some conversation. Nothing else!
Well our conversation drifted from this topic to that topic...and for some weird reason, Arjun talked about his trip back home to India a few months ago when he was promoted from business class to first class because of the many air miles he had accumulated! Obviously he talked about how short the trip was, with all the excellent treatment. You could see he had never had that kind of treatment before. That is not to say I was not a tad jealous. With his baby-ish face, an air hostess easily mistook him for a kid who is travelling without his parents, but he cut her short by saying he works for the oil and gas industry....and then requesting for his drink!

He then mentioned that it reminded him about the movie UP IN THE AIR starring George Clooney, as Ryan Bingham, a corporate dude who is hired by cowardly bosses from the round the world to fire employees for them. As such he is always on the plane, travelling round the world, and spending a few days at a time in hotels. More importantly, is Ryan's philosophy, since he lives a life free of any relationships with people and things. He is got no mission in life, except this. To accumulate the a million air miles, as he believes only six people have done this. Of course, as you might have guessed, after achieving this ambition, he realises that his philosophy was after all wrong.

This movie reminded me of THE REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, a movie I watched a few months ago on a weekend away with a group of friends. They have similar themes running through them! It also brings back The TITANIC stars, Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet (reunited again after The TITANIC). The movie is based on Richard Yates’ acclaimed 1961 debut novel, going by the same title. It is directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition). Warning is, there are scenes with nudity and sexual nature,

This is a movie that you can’t just watch for fun! After watching it, my ex-girlfriend (then my girlfriend) said she didn’t enjoy it because it was a bit depressing, some other friends called it their movie of the year. Others were simply astounded. It is not the classic Hollywood, happily ever after kinda movie. It is simply different.

The story revolves around a beautiful couple living in sub-urban America in the 1950s. Don’t fret, because it is story that has huge relevance even to us today. April (Kate) is a beautiful wife, and a stay-at home mother raising two kids, while Frank Wheeler is her handsome an office employee. They exude a calm, confident exterior of an extremely happy married couple; you almost admire their lives, seemingly full of joy and warmth. A prefect couple, an idyllic image of the American Dream we all have come to admire. Everything seems perfect; their neighbours are all full of envy.

Is there a creeping frustration within them, an inability to be fulfilled by their relationship and careers? Whether someone feels a sense of regret over past actions, or is facing certain mid-life struggles. The characters in the movie are all faced with these questions...and maybe a more important question. This couple believes they are somehow more special than the people living around them on Revolutionary Road (by now, you know where the movie borrows it title), and they deserve better than this.

Was a doomed marriage from the start? What seems to be the real problem here?? It sometimes hard to know whom or what to blame for the film’s events! Is it the sub-urban surroundings? Is it the place where you live that normally kills your dreams? The job you are doing? The people around you? Are they therefore victims of the very system that ensnares them? Or are they victims of their poor decisions? Either way, it is a tragedy, and the movie constantly forces us to ask this hard questions!!

Could it be that April’s dreams and passions in life died when she became a stay-at-home mother? Will flying away to Paris, and getting a job there solve the problem? Perhaps, Frank deserves better, can quit his job, do some writing in Paris, as he figures out what he wants to do in life! Could he be better than the job that he currently does? Unfulfilled dreams and passions? How do we explain the temptations of infidelity? How does April escape her emotionally dead life? Flying to Paris and starting all over again seems to be the perfect solution. What is wrong with Frank’s philosophy when he says that "All I know is that I want to feel things, really feel them."

Then enters, John Givings, the mentally unstable son of a local real estate agent (Kathy Bates). While watching him, you cant help but think that he may not be crazy after all. Maybe everyone around him is crazy! He seems to see through the veneer of all this. In one of the brilliant quotes from the movie, John says “Hopeless emptiness. Now you've said it. Plenty of people are onto the emptiness, but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness.” Perhaps, it will take an encounter with a “crazy” person to drum sense into all of us.

Richard Yates, in talking about the book said in 1972, that “I think I meant it more as an indictment of American life in the 1950s. Because during the Fifties there was a general lust for conformity all over this country, by no means only in the suburbs — a kind of blind, desperate clinging to safety and security at any price”
Wait, a minute, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM here? Until we correctly diagnose the problem, we cannot prescribe the right medication. Are the Wheelers’ lives an anomaly, or are they norm? Is life all about a happy marriage, secure dream job, or nice neighbourhood that we aspire for? Is our purpose in life bland, and mundane? Or like April Wheeler says “Look at us. We're just like everyone else. We've bought into the same, ridiculous delusion.”

Friday, April 24, 2009

The truth is infront of me!

In one of those days when I felt particularly patriotic (Yes, I am a good student), I stumbled across Don’s Wanyama’s blog, was laughed hysterically when I read the African proverb on at the top of his page “However much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain behind.”... I thought that was very funny! It made my mind go in a few circles, wondering of the many people who are on a road going nowhere...and thus will always be left behind!

But that is fodder for another day!

I was impressed by Don’s analysis of the Teddy Cheeye’s debacle and the source of his perceived arrogance. But one thing that took my particularly attention, when at the emd of the article, he asked the question “...can we say the time to shake the status quo has begun? Or was he a mere sacrificial lamb??”
And I would like to give my thoughts to this. I believe that it is time to shake the status quo. But not in the way you think. Before we even go there to confront people, and tell them how they need to change. We need to start with ourselves.

I think we ourselves need to have the courage to look at ourselves critically and realise that many times we are living comfortably within the same status quo that we are telling others to leave. Charity has got to begin at home.

Now you might wax lyrical about how good you are, and tell me that you have not YET stole any millions of funds, or constructed shoddy roads. The question is, how many times have you refused to give a bribe when asked for one? Did you give that the traffic policeman 5,000/= because you were trying to avoid the longer, more painful and very inconvinient route! Well, the bad news is that you contributed to corruption. I know, we are guilty of this many times! The most important thing is admitting ths fault and doing something about it!

We have given in so many times to the demands of the society. I am not saying that I am innocent, I have been guilty many times, and I have realised that change has got to start with me. My attitudes! As long as I beleive that nothing can be archieved without corruption, then I am an utter failure and should as well wallow in it. But I should retain that little hope, and have the courage in the face of daversity to say "YES, WE CAN do it the honest way and still succeed"

Has there ever been a time when you hired the right candidate, the best candidate even if it means leaving out your relative in the cold. This requires courage....but it is the price for change. How many times have you asked the question “Whom do you know there?” whenever there was a rumour of a bid, job, or an event you wanted!

As the bible rightly put it...the truth is not out there, but right front of us!